Food Knowledge

Knowledge of the food in your restaurant can be divided into a few parts. First it is important to get a general grasp of the menu and the foods offered. Second you must learn to recognize each dish when it comes out so that you do not accidentally take the wrong dish and delay another […]

Fine Dining Service

Your service is based on one simple principle: thoughtfulness for your guests will translate into a greater experience and therefore better tips. If the guest piles unwanted items onto a plate, do you think they would prefer it thrown away and replaced with a fresh plate or have it stay on the table? Many actions […]


If your are looking to make more tips, then you already have shown some promise. The best waitstaff are those that continually try to improve. People who finish training and figure they know all they need to know to do the job, usually don’t last long. You can refine your technique. You can find more […]