The Waiter 101 #tipsontips blog is a collection of videos and articles for servers who want to make more money but feel that they were not set up for success.

Some restaurants don’t have all the pieces to make sure you succeed as a waiter. Get help here and start making more money.

Get ready to change the game.

Why Waiter 101?

Increase Tips

You are here to make money. Don't let poor training materials hold you back. Know all the basics and start consistently bringing home 20% tips.

Build Trust

You want the other waitstaff to have your back in the middle of a busy shift. Find out the fastest way to earn your co-worker's trust.

Improve Gradually

Nobody knows it all. But it can really seem like it if you improve a little bit every day. It will feel effortless.

Look Professional

Do you feel nervous when the guests are looking at you? Gain confidence as you learn all the basics of waiting tables.

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