If your are looking to make more tips, then you already have shown some promise.

The best waitstaff are those that continually try to improve.

People who finish training and figure they know all they need to know to do the job, usually don’t last long.

You can refine your technique. You can find more and more ways to be efficient and make your guests happier when they leave.

And that is what this blog is about.

It’s for you to find a piece of the puzzle that you are missing. Maybe you have never waited tables before.

Or maybe you have been doing it for a while but you know some waiters regularly finish their night with more money than you.

Take a look through these posts and find just one thing that makes sense to you.

You should be able to put that to use and earn an extra $1 on every table or maybe apply a couple things and make an extra $30 tomorrow.

I wish you the best of luck,