Let’s talk about bussing tables and being a busser. So, one big reason to cover this on Waiter 101 is because it’s easier to get a waiting position after you show the other staff members that you:

  1. Give a shit about the guests.
  2. Are a team player.
  3. Want to make good money.
  4. Work hard.

The simplicity of being the best busser is just two things:

Be as helpful as possible and go fast!

Get Fast At Bussing

A lot of people underestimate how fast they need to go. A new busser may think they are doing their job well, walking around resetting some tables, helping refill water, and picking up some plates.

Don’t go so fast that you scare guests or anything. But get fast and efficient at doing all these things. You will be more and more helpful. And you will actually make more money as a busser.

Be More Helpful Than Required

When a guest finishes their food, ask them, “May I take this plate?” Pre-buss so much that you can reset the table immediately when they leave. Get things done before anyone even notices they need to be done. You will have waiters thinking, “Oh wow! That’s already done.”

The more helpful you are and the faster you are the more efficient the whole process will be. And waiters will make more than they could have. They will be more inclined to tip you extra on the tip-out. They will notice your big contribution to the team.

And why is this a good transition to becoming a waiter?

If you are making a good impression on all the wait staff, they will be thinking about how you are already doing waiter responsibilities. They don’t expect you to be this helpful, efficient, and fast. They will want you to be a waiter too and be a bigger part of the team.

Step Up Your Game To Get A Promotion

Many times, inexperienced people apply to be a waiter. A manager may ask them to host or buss first. If you do the bare minimum, or exactly what is expected, you are not going to make any big impression.

But if you are super helpful and go fast, time will fly. You will make more money. And you will be more likely to get a promotion when the time is right.